Back in July a Woman passed away. Her family placed the woman’s cats into a kill shelter. My mom and I were able to rescue the three cats within hours of them being put down. Since then, Felix has become my best friend, and my anchor. The cat in these photos just so happens to be my everything. Now an attorney handling the woman’s estate is trying to contact us regarding a “complication”. I don’t have all the info but it sounds like maybe her children can’t “collect” on the will until the cats are returned. Ain’t Karma a Bitch? They dumped the cats and condemned them to death, and now they want them back just for some money, only to return them to the shelter. I have bonded so tightly with one of them, and I couldn’t bare the idea of losing him. If they think they can just swoop in and take these cats back, fuck that. The cats stay where they are!

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